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Sunburn Shenanigans

Monday, April 15, 2013
Tax Day wooo!! My email blew up this morning with "deals" and "discounts" all screaming
 "Come spend your tax return here!"
Well good thing I waited until the last minute and filed it this morning *high fives self*!
I will NOT succumb to the pressure!Even though there is a really cute dress at Target I have been eyeing.
My Friday night was just wild!
I guess my head looked like a pillow?

Apparently, I am really trying to get skin cancer this year.
 I am 0-2 in the sunburn department so far and once again the majority is on the right side of my body. Just great. 
 I just get so excited about it being pretty out that I over estimate my pasteyness.
My Cherokee lineage failed me again on Saturday. 
I did wear sunscreen.
And yes I reapplied. 
I think it must have been older than I thought and thus not as effective.

A little backyard sittin' and champagne sippin'....ALWAYS a good time!
Molly accepting her pasteyness.
Big Dog just being herself. Having a girls day.
And then we tried to get pretty for the engagement party... I think we did alright.
and after a few several glasses of wine I forgot how to smile for pictures.
Just look at that burn line!
Man I am attractive.
Sunday consisted of a rainy hangover recovery, watching Bar Rescue (we are addicted), laundry, and some unhealthy eating.  It was perfect!
I forgot my gym bag this morning when I left the house, so hopefully Jillian Michaels can motivate me to spend some qt with her instead and get our yoga on.
Have a fabulous week!