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Over Six Hundred Daily Readers...

Saturday, April 13, 2013
Cherubs! There are so many of you, which is in itself delightful. But it would be even more delightful if you would all go en mass to Ignatius Press and pre-order my beautiful (and controversial) Ceremony of Innocence at once. Over six hundred pre-orders all at once would certainly create a feeling of joy and hope in some San Franciscan bosoms. I imagine them gathering around the water cooler to say that taking a chance on that Seraphic Singles woman was perhaps not so crazy after all.

The websale price is $16.96, which seems ridiculously low for a hardcover book. My feelings were an eeny bit hurt when I saw it because in Canada hardcover books cost at least $30, so what is with this $16.96? But at any rate it means that even female grad students eeking out a living on your woeful stipends can afford it.

(If there's an issue with shipping because you are in Ireland or Australia or wherever, then I suggest you email Ignatius and tell them you thirst for this book, and ask how can you get it without having to pay so much for shipping.)

Not only will it be a good read, it may very well create a buzz, and I am sure you will want to add to the buzz as expert witnesses, since you read my stuff every day. You can say things like, "But she never has stuff like that on her blog!" and "Personally I think it's okay to have swear words in a book if they're in German."

Meanwhile I have always noticed with awe the influence Seraphic Singles readers have in terms of getting the word out. For example, some enterprising and Polish-speaking soul contacted Homo Dei in Poland to demand to know when Anielskie Single would be released, and this rather impressed Homo Dei. One little email made them sit up and take notice and feel that maybe they had backed a winner. When I show up in Kraków, they feed me cookies.

So thank you very much, and tell me if you ordered it already so I can heap my smiles upon you.