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Officially official

Friday, April 12, 2013
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I missed Wedding Wednesday in the blogoshpere this week, but i still technically participated becasue my SamIam and I signed the contract for our venue!!
Whoop whoop!
We will be getting married on May 17, 2013!
Picking a date is much more complicated than you would think.
First of all, May is one heck of a party girl!  Just check out her permanent weekend schedule!
Cinco d Mayo
Kentucky Derby
Mother's Day

Memorial Day Weekend
With all of that going on  my our options were slim because we actually want people to show up.  We didn't want to do it any farther into the Summer months becasue it can get hot as Hades in Alabammer and we wanted the whole shabang to take place outdoors.
We decided against Mother's day weekend because we didn't think that everyone's mothers would be too thrilled with them showing up for brunch that Sunday completely hungover.  Besides, I need to space my presents out (I already get birthday presents wrapped in Christmas paper and the whole combo gift nonsense).
That left the weekend of the 17th wide open. 5-17-14.  I still think it looks weird.

In other is exactly one year from this classy lady's wedding day!
Tomorrow night we will party like college kids andcelebrate at her engagement party!

On the way to work this morning the station that I listen to was having women call in with songs that they felt would be good theme songs for their jahoobies.  I have no idea why, but the only song that I really could think of for mine was a good ole Skynyrd song.

So in honor of #backthatazzup Friday I leave you with this.
Whoa Black Betty Bamalam by Lynyrd Skynyrd on Grooveshark
Let Them Eat Cake