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Easter egg hunting at 23.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013
I hope that everyone had a lovely Easter with their fam's! Mine was interesting. As is any gathering with my family.  This little toasted marshmallow's kisses (and the new work appropiate outfit my mother gave me instead of candy *thumbs up*)totally made the four and half hours I spent in the car yesterday worth it.

Not a Easter bunny! A pet bunny for life.
So, let me just preface this bratty post by telling you that since I was 15 every Easter I have gotten either a box/bag of Jelly Bellys with a one hundred dollar bill stapled to it from my grandparents.  That hundred bucks was always nice to have right after Spring Break!

Not this year.

Sam and I arrive at my Nana and Papa's for lunch to find out that all of the "big" kids were going to be having our own egg hunt this year and then have to draw for our prize.  Alright fine.

It comes time for our hunt. Sam and I (in our church clothes mind you) are waiting outside for everyone when they start trickling out of the workout clothes. Shit just got real serious. Well, I guess I will take off my heels then. One of my Aunts says go and they all take of running like lunatics.  I start over on the right side of the yard looking for those stupid little eggs. I find two.  I walk over to another island in the yard and start looking when the same Aunt decides to yell "I see three over here!" Referring to where I am currently looking. Awesome. Screw this.

I walk over to my mother and told her that I am done. She told me that she was surprised that I had participated at all. Good. Glad I did my part.  Sam was a much better sport about it than I was, even though I forced him into it.  So that happened and Sam found a whole five dollars! Whoop whoop!

I realize that presents and eggs are not what Easter is about at all.  It was really just one of those things though.  You get used to things being a certain way and when it changes you don't like it.

Plus, this guy might have something do with my feelings towards the egg business.

Last week was crazy busy and fun. So here is a little recap.

I spent far too much money on this hot little number. Only to find out it is back ordered.

Ella Moss.  Here.

I decided to hangout with preteens and go see Marron 5 move like Jagger (imposible btw). It was worth it.  Although, none of their parents seemed too excited we were there.  We may have been slightly intoxicated.
Which resulted in some poor eating habits.  Not ashamed.  Taco Bell saved me from a hangover.
I love eating sushi here! Even though the inside still looks like an O'Charley's ten years later.
And I will leave you with Dakota cuddling my new prize (which Riley has now eaten) from the Easter Egg Hunt.