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Everyone loves a good Darty!

Monday, April 8, 2013

A social gathering of friends during the daytime that typically involves drinking, eating, and ridiculousness.

It's even better if you darty for a good cause!  It is Autism Awareness Month and our favorite local brewery was hosting a Funky Fish Fry on Saturday to raise awareness and funds. 

Miss Fancy's Triple.  My fave!

Day drinking tends to lead to night drinking....without stopping to eat dinner.  Mistake.
The Lizzard.
Sunday Funday- Middy and I decided to make some moohla and go hang out at the race track for the Honda indy Grand Prix. It was so beautiful all day that it was totally worth the awkward sunburn I acquired only on my right arm.
While I was out running "wild" all over town this weekend having a blasty blast with my girly firends my SAMiAM was at home trying to grow some grass in our poor pitiful back yard.  Riley and Dakota were very helpful.

I am linking up with Sami today! And for some reason the button is ginormous.