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Wedding Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
I was waiting all morning for news so that I could make this post.....OUR ROOMATE IS MOVING OUT!! [seriously raved at my desk for a solid minute]  When I get back from New York he and all of his junk will be moved out! yipppeeeeee!  We are going to have so much more room for activities!!  I am going to be able to walk around my house NAKED! Hells yeah!
This just makes me so very happy happy happy!

Now on to Wedding Wednesday! Well sort's a step on the way to the wedding!

Tomorrow I will be embarking on this nugget's Bachelorrette Weekend getaway to Grayton Beach!
Starships by Nicki Minaj on Grooveshark
Let's go to da beach! Beach!


We are staying in the cutest little house! It's name is "Spoiled Rotten"
so appropiate.
 Mad props to Tori the MOH and all of her planning from the West Coast!
Grayton Beach, FL seriously might as well be in the tropics

My favorite place! Sunday Brunch Bloody Marys and live music are the heaven!
Side note: I was almost arrested in their parking lot once for animal "abuse."
 I am sorry my dog screams like a banshee when she is excited. 
I have never seen my mother move so fast in my life.

I imagine we will all look like this but in actuality...

No boys allowed!
I am so ready for this mini vacay! 
 While I am at the beach SamIam and Dak are going to be at Orange Beach for the Mullet Toss
 If you are unawares.  Check it out. 
It is the definition of a redneck shit show.
Later Gators!