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We Were Rewarded Today

Sunday, April 14, 2013
Today's skiing was absolutely over the top.  Kay has the week off for spring break and we are on a busman's holiday skiing The Basin.  What a way to start.  With any big spring storm, there are always a few hiccups, power flickers, wind, avalanche work, etc.  We were in the Pali maze right at 8:30.  The lift opened a bit late due to avalanche work, but very soon, we were all rewarded.  The snow on the first run or two was a bit stiff, but as the day progressed, the wind kept blowing, the snow was moving around, and the skiing got better every single run.  We skied Pali "bell to bell" until the lift closed (including a couple stops for lunch and tea).  When you put new snow, skiing, and Basin skiers together you create an extraordinarily great vibe.  Today, A-Basin had one of those vibes.  This was one to remember.

And afterwards at The 6th Alley.........................