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Busy Day

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Well, Day 3 of vacation turned into a work day.  Word got out how good the snow was and a lot of people showed up to ski so I had to lend a hand.  The wind is really filling in the East Wall, especially North Pole.

I have a couple of thoughts on parking.  Especially this time of year, I strongly encourage people to carpool or ride the Summit Stage. On a spring powder today like today, I think we had almost as many cars as we had people today. Most cars today had only one person in them. Be green and share the ride.

My other thought and request is to please be patient and try and cooperate with our parking attendants.  It is a tough job.  We try and fill the lots as neatly and as orderly as we can.  As cars leave, we try and fill the vacant spots in Early Riser as quickly as possible.  I know you can often see 10 empty spots in the lot, but what you don't see is that we already let 15 cars in to fill those spots.  We really do try and get people parked in as close as possible.

With the weather forecast, we are in for more spectacular skiing and snow.