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Travelin' light

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
I can not believe the tragedies of yesterday. 
 I have no words. 
 My thoughts and prayers are with all of the runners and their loved ones. 
 I am always hoping that we can find peace.
For those who had traveled great distances to compete in Boston,
 I will be linking up with Helene...
Helene in Between
and  I miss Marin.
For serious.
Take me back.
Let me move back!
Visit for a week.
Please even a day.
I don't care I just need someone to get me there!
And so I take you back to that one time in 2011 that I left school, packed my sister's Honda Toaster to the brim and moved across the country...
Grand Canyon. It was May and it was freezing!
Grand Canyon via iPhone.

Winslow, Arizona
Take It Easy by The Eagles on Grooveshark
For those that don't get it.  Listen to the song!

I learned a lot about myself during this grand adventure and that truly needs it's own post entirely.  Next week I will post some of my favorite pictures and memories of while I was living in San Rafael, CA.