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Eyes In Magazine

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
This is a fab new magazine showcasing artists of all  kinds! From culinary design to interior design and everything in between! They have a contest going to be on the front cover, too! 

Eyes In Magazine Contest
"something blue"

Wine a bit...Wednesday

Gnarly Head
Old Vine Zinfandel

Well, any excuse to say "Gnarly" is really all it takes to impress me. The name, cute as it may be,  actually comes from their gnarled looking 35-80 year old vines in the fab growing region of Lodi, California! 

 [Wine Quickie: Old vines don't necessarily make better Zin, just different in a very good way! The vines are, again, so gnarled and old that they do not produce much fruit. However, the little grapes they do produce are fan-freaking-tastic and full of flavor!] Some of you non-winos may be thinking, "Wait..I thought Zin was pink and sweet?!" Okay, yes I see the dilemma, let's not get this confused. I don't want you to take Aunt Bee out and  have her order a glass of Zin expecting sweet. When she takes a sip she may fall back in her chair due to tannin-overload. [White Zinfandel is that blush-colored wine you see in mostly big bottles and jug bottles. It is made from the same grape I speak of, Zinfandel. When the wine is being made, the grape skins are removed quickly for less contact with the juice. So instead of deep red color, you get pretty in pink! Just like a White Merlot or White Grenache.]

I shared a bottle of this the other night with the lovebug (a.k.a. the man i said "until death do us part" to). It is full of spice and seriously intense flavor of black cherry and, Mmm, chocolate. Make some spaghetti with that yummy basil tomato sauce and go buy a $10 bottle of Gnarly Head Old Vine Zin for supper. Your local store has to have it, if they don't give me their number, that is just plain poppycock!

P.S. "Zin" is an abbreviation of Zinfandel that only the coolest of cool kids use, which is why I was using it..

Moroccan Inspired Wedding Decorations

This morning I fell upon a fabulous blog called Bridal Musings which you must head over to take a look at, gorgeous weddings and inspirations.

Being established in the South of Spain many of our weddings have a slight element of Moroccan styling and we love the ideas on here using my favorite Moroccan colour combos.

For more information on these inspiration boards head over to Bridal Musings, I guarantee you will be there for a while!

Tie-the-Knot Tip...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Tie-the-Knot Tip...
Traditions can be broken!
let's get lost in these faux floral bouquets for example....

Aren't these unbelievably beautiful? 
Check Out AutumnArt on Etsy!

Hey Miemie

We couldn't wait to introduce you to these beautiful wool felt ring pillows, sweet bird cake toppers and accessories by Hey Miemie. We especially love the ring pillows featuring handmade wool felt flowers, leaves and butterflies, available in a variety of colors. The ring pillows are offered in a range of designs and can be custom made to match your event palette. We've posted images of a few of our favorite Hey Miemie creations below, but be sure to visit the Hey Miemie Etsy shop to see more.

tuesday shoesday blushing!

the cruelty-free bride

Monday, August 29, 2011
Dear Green Brides...

...the animals and planet thank you.

Morgan Boszilkov; Eco-Friendly Designer; Vegan Mixx Wendy 08 Beige & Silver Mirrored Platform Pumps
Cafe Press; Vegan Bride Shirt; Vegan Gold Flake Taupe and Champagne Dress; Man Made Three to Get Ready Bangle Set
Vegan Wedding Cake;
Green Wedding Favor;

A Beautiful Villa Wedding in Marbella

We are loving these photos of one of our weddings last week in a private villa near San Pedro.

Our thanks to a super speedy Anna, the photographer, for sharing these photos with us so quickly!

Nicola was one of our creative brides that had worked hard to put together so many details before her wedding day and it was all beautifully done, from the table names set in white antique frames for each guest to the gorgeous decorations Nikki had created to decorate the venue and villa. We worked with Nikki to turn the gardens and pool area into a magical, twinkling romantic garden, provided parasols and waved our magic wand to sprinkle petals over the ceremony area :)

Nikki had bought in her own bouquets, aisle dressings and details to complete her perfect day and we were delighted to work with her to fill in the gaps that were completely impossible to fit in her suitcase!

We are thrilled to share these photos with you of one of our villa weddings and thanks to Heather and her team at Fiestasol this was a fantastically run and caterered for day.

Our big thanks of course to Anna for sharing these delightful photos with us.