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Can I make a move on you...

Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Yes, that is what drunk boys will ask you after you have given them a sandwich even though you are wearing a big shiny engagement ring.  Ridic.  I was obviously correct in thinking he may need to sober up a bit.

What up Travel Tuesday?!
Helene in Between

This past weekend was one for the books!  17 girls on a bachelorette party all staying in one house and there wasn't any drama!  Hells bells that's amazing!
There were #s to change it for every day. Thanks Pinterest!

Team Bride!
Day 2!

I could not have imagined a better time!  The MOH and the Bridesmaids were all amazing and had planned such an amazing weekend for us all that everything was so relaxed and fun!

A friend's mom and sister hosted a lingerie shower for our Sexy Little Bride and had filmed her fiance previously by asking him questions ala the Newlywed Game.  It was adorable!
There was a Bachelor Party staying next door that we made friends with.  They were all so sweet!  One of the guys had just bought his girlfriend a engagement ring the week before so we helped him plan out how he is going to ask her!
Side Note: For the record, getting in any body of water no matter how deep! after you have been drinking is ALWAYS a bad idea! You can drown in two inches of water.

 But moving on...Seriously!  Even the ride home was fun! after I puked.

Sorry for all of the exclamation points!  It really was that much fun! 

Thank you my little Nico Pico Bride for sharing all of your childhood friends with me!  I am so glad that we are friends and that I got to make so many new ones!

I will say though that if I don't see another Strawberry Limearita for a very long time I will be totally ok with it.

We're Not In Kansas Anymore

Still Strong At 10

As our senior avalanche dog, Tane or Mr. T is going strong approaching age 10.  Last week he re-certified as a Colorado Avalanche Rescue Dog.  Due to his geriatric status, he has to test annually.  Well, as always, he smoked the test.  Mr. T and his handler, Becs Hodgetts, are regular fixtures at Patrol Headquarters on the Summit.  Don't let him trick you into giving him treats.

Gentlemen's Day (April)

First of all, happy birthday to my brother Nulli Secundus. Second, welcome to the eavesdroppers who are still clicking to my blog because they cannot resist my allure. In the words (or to paraphrase the words) of a repentant German scientist at Harvard, "I wouldn't have gone out with you, but you were such a good writer."

"What about my beautiful blue eyes?" is what I should have said in reply. But that's all water under the River Street Bridge, and now that I'm married, the bachelors of the world can take me out for a coffee without being haunted by the doleful chime of phantom wedding bells.

"I don't mind you having coffee," says my husband, "but you're not allowed to pay."

Occasionally a young bachelor of the world puts aside his natural reluctance to allow women tell him what to do and asks for my advice. Obviously I find this charming.  I am reminded of the time a very sharp man took me and a pal shopping for our friend, his fiancee. We led him straight to Tiffany's. He shelled out, our friend was happy, they now have two children, it's a wonderful world.

Okay, so here is a bachelor asking me how to negotiate a first date at a dance. I've edited the letter a bit.

Dear Auntie Seraphic,

I have a date on Saturday.  I met a cute girl at swing-dancing, and after dismissing all the reasons I was coming up with not to ask her out, I went ahead and asked. We're meeting up for dinner and then going out to the dance (not being from the area, it was the only thing I could come up with without access to a computer to do research). The fact that the dance starts at a particular time will prevent dinner from dragging on uncomfortably.

Of course, the fact that we're going to the dance presents an interesting question that I hadn't considered when I offered the date. Swing dancing is a social dance, and there is an expectation that you will not dance with the same partner every dance (although some couples do that). I'm not quite sure how to strike the balance.  

On Gentlemen's Day, a post on first date expectations or what not to do on a first day would be most welcome. I'd be interested in your readerships's perspective.

Best Wishes,

Dear Eavesdropper,

That sounds like an intense first date but because just having coffee is completely impractical, it sounds reasonable. Dinner and dancing is pretty traditional. 

I recommend saying something between dinner and the dance like "Save me the first and last dances!" That way she'll feel free to dance with other guys, and you'll feel free to dance with other girls, and yet the most psychologically date-like dances will be all yours. (By the way, if you see her ever all by herself during a dance, and you don't have a partner yet, you may want to rescue her. Technically, she's your guest all evening, so you're in charge of making sure she is always having a good time.)

As for first date stuff, all I can say at the moment is look good, open doors for the lady, help her with her coat, ask her what she wants to eat, don't complain about anything, find out what she's interested in, listen as much as you talk, pay the bill and help her with her coat again. Finally, it's your responsibility to make sure she gets home safely. 

Keep an ear out for any red flags, but also remember that almost nobody is truly their best selves on the first date!  

Grace and peace,

Incidentally, the opening-the-door, helping-with-the-coat stuff is a good way of determining if a girl likes you that much or  is at all worth your time. Any girl who protests on a date, on an actual date, that she can open her own doors (duh) is not worth asking on a second date. As for coats,  I almost always need help with my coat. And I am always charmed when I am helped with my winter coat in particular because frankly I cannot negotiate the sleeves without flapping around like a seagull with its head stuck in a tin can. And of course it is flattering that a man would be that attentive to my needs and act as though he were willing to assist me in any difficulty, no matter how small. Of course usually he is not, but a teeny-weeny bit of illusion brightens a girl's day.

Now let me see. Questions for the gentlemen.  Female readers should not respond to anything the gentlemen say until tomorrow. Stand back and allow them some oxygen.

Nzie the Rosy Gardener has asked:

1. Are there certain things that make you think a girl you might otherwise be interested in wouldn't be interested in you? 

I'm asking because my mom suggested, and I think she's right, that I often put myself in a sister-like role and short-circuit dating possibilities. I think it's a combination of the fact that I'm very used to being big sisterly, and I'm a bit nervous/shy. So if there are behaviors that give off that impression, I'd like to know so I can pay attention to my own behavior (and hopefully stop turning into everyone's sister). :-)

2. What do you consider evidence of approachability of a woman for date-asking purposes? Do these matter less the stronger you're attracted to someone?

3. Do you feel like adding in the shared faith element makes people less interesting than they normally are when they meet outside religious dating contexts?
(Context/Explanation: It seems to me people think because they share faith and values, they *have* to discuss it, show how well read or devout they are, etc... is that something you've experienced? is there a "good way" to do it?)

4. What are you most worried about girls judging you based on? Looks? Money? Job/car/etc.? 

Gentlemen's Day Tomorrow

Monday, April 29, 2013
I just received an email from one of the subjects of this morning's post (not Mike), and he seems mildly aggrieved and misrepresented. And this reminds me that I mean tomorrow to be a Gentlemen's Day. For one thing, it is the birthday of a man whom I consider to be a great a success with women, as he has a wife, daughter, mother and sisters who love him and a few female friends who are greatly fond of him. So in honour of this fine gentleman, tomorrow (April 30) is Gentlemen's Day.

Ladies, today you may send in your questions for the gents, and tomorrow the gents may answer them and leave fresh questions and comments of their own. I expect these gentlemen to be regular readers who simply cannot tear themselves away from my deathless prose despite the pink, girliness of my blog, not imports from the super-trad message boards you girls seem to like.

Gents, if you have a particular subject topic you would like me to address, send it on in via email, and I may address it tomorrow morning.

The People You Meet

One of the coolest parts of my job is meeting lots of people.  Sometimes those people live in my neighborhood and sometimes they are from the other side of the world.  One person saw my last name on my name tag and we figured out my cousin was his doctor back in Virginia. About 2/3 of  our guests are from Colorado with the remaining 1/3 coming from out of the state including about 2% from outside the US.  Whether I am riding a lift, meeting someone in The 6th Alley, or sharing BBQ at Black Mountain Lodge, I always enjoy hearing stories about how people found A-Basin and what they think of the place.

The marketing crew entertaining journalists from the UK.

Successful with Women

For over twenty years, I have been attracting the attention of intelligent men of my own intellectual and religious parties who enjoy arguing with me. Their eyes light up, and they roll up their rhetorical sleeves, and I can almost hear them thinking, "Oho! A foe worthy of my steel!" as if they were Batman witnessing Catwoman ravage a jewellery shop. TH2 at Heresy Hunter, once actually referred to me  (with affectionate glee) as his arch-enemy. All I did was ask him to stop being so mean to my friends. Oh, and to stop insinuating that Lonergan was a Kantian. He wasn't.

At some point, I may get tired of this friendly fire, and start saying to all the incarnations of Batman things like, "Honestly. No. There are much more intelligent women with whom to do battle. I can barely barely add fractions. I failed Grade 10 math. Really, I'm Just a Housewife. Shoo."

However, occasionally Batman says something purrrfectly catastrophic, and I sense there is some fun to be had at his expense. For example, yesterday an IMOMOIARP dropped the expression "successful with women." I think it was prefaced with "Everyone knows that men with money are the most."

"What do you mean, as a Catholic, by successful with women?" I demanded. "Do you mean, a man  who who has persuaded a woman to marry him and have his children and live with him year in and year out, a man who also has many daughters who love and respect him?

And, astonishing as this will sound to you, that's not what he meant. The definition of "successful with women" held by this loyal son of the Church was "attractive to women."  And yet I suspect that if I had thought of following this line of questioning, he would not have defined Saint Jerome as successful with women although Christian women flocked to Saint Jerome and listened to his teachings, fasted too much 'cause he said so, did his housework, etc. Meanwhile I doubt Saint Jerome had any money beyond that his rich patronesses gave him. And as he had a serious fasting habit himself and was rather contemptuous of the body, I doubt he was a looker. In fact, I vaguely recall reading a report that made clear he wasn't.

Whence the terrific popularity of Saint Jerome?

Could it be that Saint Jerome had something that these ladies wanted? Obviously it wasn't money, or a handsome face to look at, or the ability to give a great massage. It probably wasn't flattery either, since Saint Jerome was terribly inflammatory and is on record as having called St. Augustine nasty names.

I think it must have been his brains. Saint Jerome was a powerful and convincing thinker, and thus gave all those well-born Roman ladies something to think about. But if one had laid a tentative hand upon him, he would have slapped her silly, so I cannot imagine any of them trying that.

It could also have been his gigantic confidence in being Saint Jerome: "Hey, Saint Augustine! You're an idiot! I blow my nose at you!  I'm Saint Jerome!" That's kind of awesome especially as St Jerome did, after all, compile the Vulgate.

I'm starting to wonder if I would have been crazy about Saint Jerome.

It's too bad that even Catholic men think, when they think of men who are successful with women, of men other than good Christian husbands with wives, daughters and grand-daughters who love them, or of Christian thinkers around whom Christian women flock to hear the Good News, or even of popular professors or revered artists like frog-faced T. S. Eliot.

Noooooo, I suspect even they are thinking of footballers, film stars, rock stars and, heaven help us, basketball players and boxers. Wilt Chamberlain, reports wikipedia, had 20,000 sexual relationships, but never had a wife or child. Call me sentimental, but I don't call that successful with women.

Mike Tyson beat his first wife, cheated on his second, raped Miss Rhode Island, but may now be having a happy third marriage. All the same, I wouldn't consider him successful with women either.

And so on.

The Knot & Wedding Channel Event 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013
The Knot & Wedding Channel Event

When the contacted me in December about this event, asking if I could squeeze them in...I shook my head laughing. Yes, of course I can! First, a theme was needed. After last year's Once Upon a Time theme, it would be hard to beat this year. 

One wedding theme is gaining popularity by the minute, those are green weddings. However, most think "green" meets rustic or boring. No, no. I wanted to show green could be glamorous  The vendors were ecofriendly including local wines, local food,  local flowers, green & organic salons for the models, local Baltimore businesses, vegan desserts, and more. The venue was a restored historic mansion and even the lighting was energy-friendly. We had organic frappuccinos and smoothies, a green tea signature drink (to die for yummy!), a digital photo booth and re-purposed furniture! 

Thanks to the amazing vendors for making my sketches come to life:

elleDesigns- Plan. Design. Decor
MPA Weddings- Videography

Tabibi Design- Designed Programs & Signage
Dudley’s Desserts- Vegan Cakes & Specialty Sweets

Angelberry Organics- Organic Makeup Artistry
Natural Fusion Hair Studio- Eco-friendly & Green Salon

FOX Ventures, LLC- Flowers, Custom Decor & Furniture
Jill Andrews Gowns- Local Custom Gowns

La Tavola- Linens
Simply Elegant Catering- Yummy Local Bites & Staff
Rusty Love Vintage Rentals- Vintage & Upcycled Pieces

Get Pixilated- Digital Photo Booth

Event Pro Live- Eco-Friendly Lighting & Drape
Linganore Wine Cellars- Local Maryland Wine

Cranbrook Liquors- Liquor Cocktails
Just Write Studios- Calligraphy & Glass Etching

Tuxedo House- Suits for Band Members
Travelling Bean Specialty Beverage Catering Co- Certified Green, Daiquiri & Barista Station

Shooting Star Studios- Stages and TVs for Slideshow
Courtesy Parking- Valet


Behind-the-scenes video by the amazing MPA Productions HERE!