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Can I make a move on you...

Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Yes, that is what drunk boys will ask you after you have given them a sandwich even though you are wearing a big shiny engagement ring.  Ridic.  I was obviously correct in thinking he may need to sober up a bit.

What up Travel Tuesday?!
Helene in Between

This past weekend was one for the books!  17 girls on a bachelorette party all staying in one house and there wasn't any drama!  Hells bells that's amazing!
There were #s to change it for every day. Thanks Pinterest!

Team Bride!
Day 2!

I could not have imagined a better time!  The MOH and the Bridesmaids were all amazing and had planned such an amazing weekend for us all that everything was so relaxed and fun!

A friend's mom and sister hosted a lingerie shower for our Sexy Little Bride and had filmed her fiance previously by asking him questions ala the Newlywed Game.  It was adorable!
There was a Bachelor Party staying next door that we made friends with.  They were all so sweet!  One of the guys had just bought his girlfriend a engagement ring the week before so we helped him plan out how he is going to ask her!
Side Note: For the record, getting in any body of water no matter how deep! after you have been drinking is ALWAYS a bad idea! You can drown in two inches of water.

 But moving on...Seriously!  Even the ride home was fun! after I puked.

Sorry for all of the exclamation points!  It really was that much fun! 

Thank you my little Nico Pico Bride for sharing all of your childhood friends with me!  I am so glad that we are friends and that I got to make so many new ones!

I will say though that if I don't see another Strawberry Limearita for a very long time I will be totally ok with it.