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Snorkel Door Is Open

Thursday, April 25, 2013
The Snorkel Door is open.  For those interested, climb up straight up the Willy's Staircase to Arizona Rock.  Years ago some people thought the shape of Arizona Rock looked like the outline of Arizona.  I think that, organically, its name is being changed to Borgeson or Borgy Rock.  Above Borgy Rock, the staircase veers a bit left.  It tops out at a traverse that leads to the Snorkel Door and into Snorkel Nose.  Some people think this might be the coolest spot in the ski area.  Getting there is not easy.  The skiing in Snorkel Nose today was quite good.

 Upper Willy's Staircase

Snorkle Door

Snorkle Nose

Snorkle Nose Apron

At Borgy Rock