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Travel Tuesday NorCal Style

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
Helene in Between
Picking up and leaving my home was the best thing that I have ever done for myself. 
You can see the beginning of my cross country adventure here.
 You only live once. 
Take the chance.
Be brave!
Here is my Summer Guide of  NorCal for cheap or free activities!
I took this picture with my iPhone at Horseshoe Bay!
Hipstamatic app. I was instantly in love.

This is the view one morning from Lookout Cove before the fog burned off the bay.
I got to admire the bridge from this view every day while working at the Discovery Museum.
If you have small children this is an amazing place to bring them for the day!
Go to the San Francisco Pride Parade! Support free love! Wear crazy clothes! Have a blast!
there pratically naked people walking around the city, but I prefer to be a little more modest

hide your phone in your bra so you can rage and take pictures!
You can't see the beer in my left hand... I blame it for the duck face.
And hide your friends while they pee and have a homeless lady yell at you because that's where she smokes her cigarettes!  Then inform her that smoking kills.

Those are the tame pictures from Pride.
  When I put those on facebook for the first time,
I accidentally uploaded pictures that had naked men in them. 

Hike the Dipsea. TAKE A MAP!  Trust. 
A 8 mile hike can easily and did turn into a 15 mile trek if you go the wrong way.
Or if you are bold you can do the Dipsea Race. It is really fun to watch the race too!

See Soul Pie  perform at the Fairfax Festival or on the beach in Bolinas! 
 Check these guys out! Guaranteed to rock your socks off!

Go to see the Giants dominate!
 and spend some quality time with your work fam!

And of course you can't do NorCal right without taking a tour of a vineyard! 
Make a day of it and float the Russian River in your inner tube!
Or you can make friends with the owner of vineyard, call all of your friends and have a barn party, drink all night, eat fresh farm cheese, meet the cows that made the cheese, get lost in the middle of a field at night and get attacked by a badger.  That story deserves it's own post. 

This was one of the best experiences of my life! I learned so much about myself and really took the time to put myself out there on my own.  If you have any questions feel free to ask!