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Funny Money

Friday, May 24, 2013
my FUNNY money
1. I went to Chikfila on Wednesday morning for some minis and a coffee.  I get my food and give the girl ^^ten dollar bill.  She goes to get the manager....say what??  The manager comes back gives me my money back and tells me to have a nice day.  Huh?  I try to give the girl my debit card and she tells me that my money looked funny and not to worry about it. Wail! Ok then!!  Free Chikfila for me!

Dakota                                        Riley
2.This picture pretty much sums up my dogs perfectly....they were both in the backyard together all day.  Dakota comes inside smiling all clean!  While Riley comes inside like a spazz, dirty as hell, and wiggling all over the place.  You can't really see in the picture because he was moving so much but he is wet and his fur is caked in mud.  To the tub we go!  I really don't understand how he manages to get so nasty while she stays so clean.  He is on his third bath this week.


I hate my father for dangling this in my face!  Check it out it sounds amazing!
4.  I can NOT wait until I am on lake time this weekend!  We are going to let Riley swim for the first time!  I am hoping he will be a natural and just follow Dakota.  He is such a pussy about riding in the car  that I to have to drug him just to get him to the lake. So sad.
Natural glitter!
Please get me here NOW!  
War Damn America!
 Happy Memorial Day! Remember to take a moment to honor those that gave their lives for us!

Hey boy hey!

 So while I was enjoying myself watching Chicago on Broadway...This badass followed me on Twitter!!  Life MADE! So lame I know. But he sent me direct messages too!  That makes us officially best friends!  Right?!?  He is the lead singer and slide guitarist from one of my favorite bands!  I have been educating people about his music for years so today I will share with you guys again!
PROOF! Frands!!
In honor of #backthatazzup Friday of course!
Homecoming by Robert Randolph & The Family Band on Grooveshark
Here's to hoping my office closes early today! So that I can welcome the weekend properly!
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