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P.E.W.S. ~ Purely Elegant Wedding Statements

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
We're a huge fan of pews here at Weddings Unveiled. Their stately hard backs harken an era gone by, when Southern brides wed only in churches and ceremony was as important as the ceremony itself.

You can imagine our excitement, then, when we learned that Southern-based P.E.W.S. (Purely Elegant Wedding Statements) rents this delightful vintage seating arrangement for brides that still hold tradition dear.

From white-washed pews from a back country church in Cairo, GA, to classy pews with newly-upholstered cushions from Hilton, NY, P.E.W.S. offers an assortment of pew styles and sizes to fit your big day.

Visit their darling website for more information, and to see more photos of P.E.W.S. event offerings.


Images courtesy of Allison Lewis Photography.

Images courtesy of Clark Brewer Photography.

Images courtesy of W&E Photographie.