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Kraków Appearance Postponed

Friday, May 24, 2013
The retreat in Kraków for Singles to be held in October has been cancelled. However, I have been invited to speak at the women's retreat in May 2014. Cieszę się, że jadę do Krakowa w maju bo wtedy będę umieć lepiej mówić po polsku.  

Details will be forthcoming. I am sad not to have an excuse (or the money) to go to Poland in October, but I am relieved I will not have to talk about Single life to men and women together. Speaking to a big crowd of Polish women about their personal lives, no problem. I could do it all day long in English and broken Polish and, if desperate, broken French. Speaking to a big crowd of Polish men about their personal lives, problem.

That reminds me of my last Polish appearance, and how I dropped the ball.  A Polish fan dropped by the the Kraków book fair to ask me how she could meet men. Stumped and speechless, I did not say, "What about THESE men?" After all, there were literally thousands of men at the Kraków book fair. Thousands. And she could have even have figured out what the men were interested in by what books they were looking at. Why it has taken me months to come up with that answer is a terrible mystery.

Possibly it is because I would rather have been run over by a car than attempt to talk to men at the Kraków book fair. Speaking Polish to Polish men is just extremely scary for me. I am sure all the ones who go to book fairs are very nice, but they scare me anyway. Young English-speaking ones in their twenties are okay. Most of the time.