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Thanks for nothing Craigslist

Monday, May 6, 2013
A couple of weeks ago, before we had our garage sale I put a post up on Craigslist advertising it with pictures of the couch that needs a new home.

Well, here I am almost a month later and we still have the damn couch.

In addition to the smelly couch, I now have a whole bunch of naughty pics rolling into my inbox all labeled with the subject line: Couch.  How was I supposed to know that was some kind of codeword foronline open invitation to send me nudie pics?  Awkward.

So I made the best out of a inconvenient situation! I was bored and needed to entertain myself, I started sending copies of said pictures to my neighbor while I knew he was out on a date. Haha so bad I know.  I was always taught that it was rude not to share!

Moving on...

I have felt so lucky lately to be surrounded by such amazing women! Not to mention ladies that enjoy live music and good food as much as I do!

We started Saturday with brunch at el barrio. Which I am obsessed with!  Their food is to die for and their bartenders are total tequila geniuses! This is not your typical Mexican Restaurant.  It is so much better!  Their queso has goat cheese in it for crying out loud!  We couldn't decide what we wanted for brunch because everything sounded so good!  We just avoided the dilemma all together and ordered one of everything. Family style dining.  That's what's up!

Yeah good call! Just look at that spread!

After brunch, we ditched @hamburgerdave and started making preparations for the Crawfish Boil and by preparations...I mean we had to go to the liquor store and stock up on minis for the day.  I planned ahead and had even wore a sports bra.  Perfect hiding place for some fireball!

Tickets to Crawfish this year were only $10 and I have to say that is pretty darn good deal since Robert Randolph and the Family Band and Train were both playing! I could have cared less about Gary Allan (some country singer) and Flo Rida (don't worry I dropped it low anyway).

Oh Robert! I see you lookin' at me!
PS- Thanks for closing with my song!

We all know I LOVE a free koozie.
 Let's just pretend like I didn't eat any of that.

You ladies are a blast in a glass!
Hanging with some of The Banditos at Waffle Casa late night!
Talk about some shenanigans!  After my slumber party on Saturday night I spent the majority of Sunday in full on recovery mode with a Bar Rescue marathon.  (I swear SamIam and I could run a bar/restaurant better than any of those people.)  So much for doing laundry and cleaning the house.  I did manage to make a pretty bomb dinner for us and nursed a vodka margarita.
Hair of the dog indeed.
My kickball team made it the final tournament!  Our game is on Wednesday! So pumped about that!
I hope you all have a lovely week!

PS- We all know it's Monday because I accidentally did this...
Yeah. Let's just pretend for a second that those shoes match.