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This is a hard bag to pack!

Thursday, May 16, 2013
I really didn't think packing for New York would have been this difficult.

We are leaving this morning and will not be coming back until Sunday night. (I am currently sitting in the airport waiting for our flight! Woo!)

We will be in NYC for 4 days, 3 nights=7 outfits. AND not letting my checked bag be over 50 lbs.

There were so many different directions I could take my style for this trip.
Weather of course was a huge factor in outfit planning. If it rains I'm fucked. I really should probably cave on the Hunter boots already. The way I looked at it I had four options. 

  1. trendy and stylish
  2. relaxed and comfortable chic
  3. southern bohemian
  4. dark and edgy
What?  You don't set a theme when you pack a bag to travel?!

I think I managed a mix of 2 during the day and 4 at night. I will take pictures and let you be the judge. 

But I unlike most people also have to factor in considerable amounts of time for my hair.  It is not only long but it is insanely thick.  The fabulous ladies that I will be traveling with all have short hair and it takes them all of 15 min tops to blow dry AND style their hair.  My hair would still be soaking wet after 15 minutes of blowdrying. Ridiculous.  Reason number one that I hate blowdrying my hair. So when I pack I have to coordinate outfits with my dirty hairstyles.

I'd like to think that today I have channeled the lovely Jen Anniston's travel style. Jeans, tee, Minnetonka boots and a oversized knit sweater. I will show you later! Promise!