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Meet my Fam Damily: Lizard survived her first year of college!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
I am linking up today with Erin for her very first link-up!  Make sure to go check her out!

I would like to introduce you to my little sister!  Lizzy!
Her real name is Elizabeth Kathleen, but she changed it herself when she was in Kindergarten.
I am the only person that actually calls her Elizabeth and all of her friends think it's weird.
She is named after our Great Grandmother and my best friend from pre-k.
Her name was Kathleen and my parent's asked me what I wanted to name my baby sister.
She couldn't pronounce it correctly until she was in High School.
It would come out more like Kafalean.
I took this picture. I thought it was funny.
Then she made it her profile pic.
Took all the fun right out of it!

Lizzy was born in October of 1993 and we had plans to spend Thanksgiving/celebrate my birthday that year at Disney World (Proof my parents are crazy. They intentionally took a four year old and a newborn to an amusement park).  Anyway, the whole time we were walking around Elizabeth would not stop crying and my our parents could not figure out why.  I had doing just as I was told and was holding on to the side of the stroller so that I wouldn't get lost....and also pinching the daylights out of her underneath her blanket. Merp.  I guess I didn't like my new sister very much.

That is pretty much how our relationship proceeded up until I went to college. 
Then she became the only child. See: BRAT
Well that shit just wasn't going to fly with me.
 It took a couple of pretty big fights, but she finally caught on. 
Now we get along great!
So I am going to let this little Nugget be my Maid of Honor in my wedding next year!
Let's hope she can handle the pressure!

Normal behavior in public w/ our Pawpaw.
This is the night of her High School graduation.  She was mad at me because I embarassed her at the ceremony.  She was the firsts Salutatarian for her class and I yelled when she got her diploma (you're not supposed to).  There were five hundred somethin kids! You really think I was the only one yelling?  So I sat on her, she piched my ass, I yelled again, and that is how we got this bizarre pic.

We may be sisters but we are very different...
1. Girl cannot hold her alcohol! I don't know how many times I have told her not to drink those fruity drinks! They are going to make you puke!
2. She studies her booty off, while I preferred to have fun over studying any day!
3.She chugged the sorority Kool Aid, while I tried it for a semester and then peaced out!
4.You could classify her as a conservative dresser, while I  get labeled as being free-spirited.  I tend to not dress my age,whatever that means, and people often think she is the older one.
5. She is quiet, where I am loud and obnoxious.
6. She is shady as hell!! Girl had boyfriend for like two months before I dragged the truth out of her! I think she was scared that I was going to drive down there and put him on trial or something.
She just finished her first year of college at Auburn University this week and I am so proud of her! 
War Eagle!

I would like to point out that my mouth is closed in every single one of these pictures!

She really probably deserves a better post, but that's all I've got since I am still so irritated with her that she would even entertain the thought of going to Hogwarts, but she actually went to Hogwarts without me this week!
That's just rude.

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