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Driveway: 1 Rachael: 0

Thursday, May 30, 2013
If you follow me on tweeter twatter than you already know why I am in a ultra foul mood today.

I went out for Happy Hour with a couple of lovely ladies that I work with yesterday evening,
 which then turned into Wine Wednesday.  No complaints about that!
The roomate and his now fiance were getting back in from Ireland last night and I really didn't have it in me to ohh and ahh over her and pretend to be excited about her ring. 
So I was avoiding going home...
 and it was half-priced wine night.  Can't pass that up! 
Of course we bought drank two bottles. 
Then we took these adorable pictures...while sitting at the bar. 
The man next to us seemed a little confused.

So I get home. And have to park in the driveway because someone parked in the garage. Well my driveway is a pretty steep little incline so getting in and out with all of my stuff is difficult a pain in the ass and even more so with heels on because my doors are so heavy that they won't stay open. So that's exactly what happened. I grabbed all of my stuff. Phone in hand. Went to turn around and WHAM! Door smacks the shit out of me and knocks my phone out of my hand. It landed on its back. It even had a case on it. Didn't do jack diddly. The whole front is shattered. So that damn driveway won. I cried.
Over my phone. Just a little embarassing. I haven't even had that stupid thing a year.