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Days are getting warmer...FINALLY!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

 Man! Yesterday was rough!  That Tuesday was totally a Monday in disguise.  But hey! At least today is Humpity hump day! We are almost to another weekend!

How is that whenever you come back from a weekend vacation you wake up the next morning completely exhausted??  The whole point of the weekend away was to relax and you end up being completely wiped by the time you get home.  Does not make any sense.

Our entire slough at the lake now knows the names of both of my dogs because we were calling yelling at them all weekend. 

Riley learned how to swim!  AND he is an even better swimmer than Dakota! 

Proud Mommy moment!  I didn't even have to get in with him to teach him!  He followed Dakota down the boat ramp and all of a sudden he could no longer touch.  And awhat do ya know?! He was swimming! I thought for sure I was going to have to save him at least once, but nope!  Just a swimmin' like an otter!  I guess all of that running he does in the backyard has really built up his endurance because I had to force him to get out of the water.  He was swimming in circles all day and if he saw a duck he was after it!   He swims faster than the ducks too! The only reason he never caught one was because they would fly out of the water!  SamIam had to go and get him on the Seadoo from out in the middle of the slough at one point because he was after those ducks tails and would not turn back!

"Wait for me guys!"
Gotta get those ducks!

Those are some tired babies! 
 Before I went to the lake this past weekend I attended a going away party for a sweet friend.
She will be moving to South Africa for the next eight months to do mission work. 
You guys really should go check out her first post about her journey to get to the journey!
Her mom had the cutest cake made!
 There is a little plane flying from the US to South Africa.

Rach you are going to be amazing!!!