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An ode to the Hangout...because I couldn't go.

Thursday, May 23, 2013
I have posted hardly at all this week and sitting at my desk at work I think I have come to realize that there may be a couple of reasons why...

*Disclaimer: I had a blasty blast in NYC making the Princess Bride's dreams come true and would do it all over again in a heartbeat!*

Negative Nancy's Excuses:
  1.  The roomate did not move out.  And will not be moving out until the end of July.  This does not need any more explanation.
  2. I did not get to attend the Hangout this year...and planned my wedding for the same weekend next year.  IDIOT.
  3. I miss my friend.  Summers were always our time.
  4. My house is a wreck because I left the boys alone for four days.  If you spill whiskey on the counter clean it up damn it!
  5. I haven't been to the gym more than twice in the past three weeks and have gained back all of the weight I had lost.  So much for swimsuit season.
  6. Mother Nature needs to go sit down.

So really I have been sparing you from my poor mood that I have been in all week.  So to cheer myself up I will share some pictures from Hangout last year and reminisce over how much fun I had with my frands shaking our sandy bums to great music!

If you are unawares of what the Hangout is all about let me help you to become acquainted! Check it out!

Mac Miller What up?!
The last time I saw Don. May 15, 2012

FloraBama late night smokey haze

Blowing big ass bubbles!

These pictures are tame.  If you are taking pictures during a show you are not fully enjoying the experience! Memories are everything.  Be in the moment.  My advice to festival goers.  Besides if you really like that camera (or cell phone) it is in your best interests to keep it somewhere safe.  Shit happens and people are clumsy.
Friday morning of the Hangout the lovely lady that is in all of my pics with me and I went to get in the Jeep with Kev to grab some groceries when this truck comes flying down the driveway.  I believe Kev's exact words were
"Who the FUCK is that?!!"
Well! Best festival surprise ever!  Two of my friends had driven through the night from D.C. to come surprise us!  Seriously made the weekend that much better!  That goof ball licking the sweat off my head up there is one of them.  And that is normal behavior for us.  I have known him since I was a child and then he dated my college roomate.  He has a habit of pulling champagne bottles out of nowhere in the mornings.  Proof we are meant to be friends for life.
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews, Alabama Shakes, Edward Sharpe and the Magentic Zeros, Mac Miller, Paul Oakenfold, STS9, String Cheese, The  Flaiming Lips, Devil Makes Three, Michael Franti, Dispatch, Skrillex.... I can't even remember who else!  Such an amazing lineup and even better weekend!  The best part about the Hangout is that you can leave in between sets and go eat if you want to instead of paying ridiculous amounts of money for festival food.  The house we were staying in was right down the road because we were staying with friends so it was hella convenient.   The beach really does make it such an amazing venue even though they fence you in so that you can't get to the water.
Everyone should go to at least one music festival in their life.  It should be on every bucket list.  I convinced my girly friend up there to come with and she had a BLAST!  She wants to go to another fest so bad and I had to bail on her this summer because I am trying to save money...unsuccesfully I might add.  Go to one and you will be addicted!
I WILL go to Hangout again! and drag SamIam with me! 
Ok I am feeling better now! See I told you! The memories! Just talking about it makes me excited!