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Wedding Wednesday: Photographer Edition

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
I found our photographer!
 And I am obsessed!
Her photos are exactly what I have been looking for!
Finding the perfect photographer was a HUGE deal for me
and the one element that I was really willing to splurge on.
She is a pro at natural lighting, her photos are journalistic, natural and very organic.  
None of that cheesy nonsense.
I met with her last Sunday and knew right away that I was going to LOVE working with her!
Anyone that suggests we meet for drinks is going to be an instant fave with me.
Leslie that has been around the wedding industry for years and is able to be real with brides. 
She is one of those people that has a calming effect, 
which can be especially handy when we Brides get a little ridiculous.
You know cause it can happen...
she recommends having a mimosa in hand for times like those.
Leslie has some of the best packages and price options that I have found!  
and she travels all of the time! If any of you girls are interested!
Check out her work! HERE. It's stunningly beautiful! 
and I am really loving the style of the bridesmaid dresses from her last two weddings.
I cannot wait until we get to work with her for our engagement photos!
On emore thing to officially mark off of the To-Do List!