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I said Yes to THE Dress!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013
Last Sunday I gathered mi familia and we trekked up to Huntsville, AL 
to the most adorable family owned bridal boutique!
These girls were amazing!  They were so helpful, patient, and sweet!

This really was the best experience I could have ever imagined! 
hungover and exhausted from a weekend full of wedding festivities.
I have some serious anxiety about making big purchases when my mom is around already 
...and this was like the holy grail shopping trips!  

Last time it was when I was buying a car.  
I got so tired of listening to her that I just gave up and bought the most impractical car possible.  
A VW W3 Turbo Bug.  I drove it for three years.  Loved it and hated it all at the same time.

I was NOT going to let that happen!

She is horrible to shop with anyway so I brought my future MiL along to act as my buffer.  
I am so smart.  I know.

While I was at Kleinfeld with Morgan a couple of weeks ago I saw another bride trying on dresses and every dress she walked out in was more stunning than the last.  I asked the consultant who designed them and she told me they were all by Hayley Paige.  Who is this woman?! 
When I got home I looked up the dresses and found that there was only ONE boutique 
in Alabama or Tennessee that carried her dress lines.  
White Dresses in Huntsville.  AND they were going to be having a Trunk Show!
I immediately called and made an appointment!
  It made me feel even better to know that girls I am friends with have modeled for them 
and hearing how down to earth the owner's are.

My mom tried to get me to go try on dresses at another local boutique, 
but I wanted my appointment at White Dresses to be the first time I tried on dresses.

We got to Huntsville, all had lunch at a cute little cafe and then walked down the street to my appointment. They had the cute little chalkboard sign waiting outside with my name on it!  
It was such a sweet touch!

I told the girls the styles that I had in mind and what I did not want and we went from there.  I tried on around umpteen dresses and then went back to choose the second and third dresses that I tried on.
The second dress was really sweet, while the third one was a little bit edgier.
Before I went I asked Sam what kind of dress he would like and his only response was...
Well alright then.  You got it buddy!
I chose the third dress!
And I am obsessed!  
The girls did not pressure me at all and really listened to me.
  I loved everything about this experience!
They really understand how big of a decision this is and give you the time to really think about it.
I loved even more that once I had made my final decsion they brought me a glass of wine!
I got to stand on the pedestal in front of the big mirror, in MY dress to be, drink my wine and just soak up the moment.

I am not one of those girls that has been dreaming about my wedding since I was a little. 
 But my dress is perfect! and everything I could have ever imagined it to be! 
It is different than the dresses that you see everyone and their sister wearing.  
It is beautifully simple.  Classy, yet shocking.  Elegant. Couture.  AND it has pockets!!  
I didn't let them take any pictures of me in it because I want to have that moment all over again...
 when I get to go to my fitting in a couple of months to try on MY WEDDING DRESS! 

Did I mention that I am obsessed?!

and so relieved! Seriously! Weight lifted off of my shoulders!