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Fridays are always such a relief

Friday, July 26, 2013
Happy Birthday to my girl Brooke from Babbling Brookelyn!
I always love finding her comments in my inbox! 
You guys should go check her out!
 I am one of those horrible birthday people that can't ever rememeber the actual day or remembers like three months ahead of time, finds the perfect card, then forgets about it and never gives it to you. 
Well today, I remembered!
and figured that since Brooke loves music as much as I do
that I would give her a good, fun song that I know that she hasn't heard yet!

These guys are my cousin's good friends and are some of the sweetest boys!
They opened for The Band Perry during their UK tour. 
How awesome is that?!
Are you loving their voices or what?!
They write and arrange all of their own music!  Singer/Songwriters are always my favorites.  Plus they grew up in Alabama.  Further proof that there is talent here.
You can go download/buy their EP here John and Jacob or from iTunes.
Every song is amazing!
I don't know about #backthatazzup 
but you can definitely grab your honey and twirl around in your kitchen...Oh is that just us?
Here's to another wedding weekend! And me hopefully not having to go alone...womp.womp.