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And he still wants to keep me...

Monday, July 22, 2013
How I tricked Sam into asking me to marry him I really am not sure.
We talked back and forth for over two months before we went on our actual first date.
I was finishing up my very last semester of classes during the summer and was going to meet him after my last final after he got off work.
We had agreed to meet at a Mexican restaurant that we both like and boy was I ever ready for a Marg!
We got there, ordered a pitcher of Margs and started munching on chips and just chatting away.  The waiter came over to take our order and I told Sam that I really wasn't that hungry.  He was relieved because he had a late lunch that day and wasn't either.
I should have eaten.  (always the moral of the story)
Well two pitchers and a couple of hours later, we get up to leave.
Sam comes around the table to help me with my chair.
(these are those metal patio chairs)
He pulls it back and I stumble backwards a little flip flops.
I had my weight against the chair and really didn't think he was going to pull it our for me.
I tried to laugh it off, but he still laughs at me today.

He walked me to my car, opened my door for me and then we had that awkward ok bye moment.
Then he planted one on me and we started full on making out in the parking lot.
Romantic I know. 
But really everything was great!

Here's the part he didn't know until seven months later when someone spilled the beans...
While we were making out, I started to feel sick.  Sugar and I do not get along. 
Especially daquiris, margaritas, and such.
We finally say good night and he walks to his car.
I wait and watch him start to drive off. 
I go the opposite direction, make to the Stop sign. Throw my door open and barf.
So attractive right.
and right now you're all like you were just drunk. No dude.
 Seriously. I can drink one daquiri and need to hurl.
Anywho...called friends told them to come get me and parked my butt in the Wendy's parking lot to wait.  Went inside and got a chicken sandwich then went to sit on the curb by my car to wait.
AND got eaten alive my ants.  Cool.

Definition of a hot mess.

He found out and seriously just stared/glared at me saying "Really Rachael?!?"

yeah. yeah. I'm an embarassment. I know.

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