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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth of July everyone!  
Make sure to remember those who protect us and fight for our freedoms!

An ode to the Newly Weds!
Because the groom's Uncle reminded us all at the reception, 
after introducing the newly weds,
 how lucky we all are...
 that we don't have to worry about anyone walking into the reception with a bomb bag...what??!

First kiss as Husband and Wife!

Quickest ceremony EVER!  Perfect!
because we all know the reception is the important  part anyway!

Don't mind my iPhone pics..

Weirdo. He can't take a normal picture...

Me and the gorgeous Bride!

see! SamIam was there!

 And late night after party!
We took cabs.  Don't worry!

Completely candid. Pinky's out!
Team Bride!

Hungover Cracker Barrel necessary!
Before I went to find my WEDDING DRESS!