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Headed to the Redneck Riviera

Monday, July 8, 2013
SamIam and I are both really lucky that we have family member's that live near/on bodies of water, who allow for us to come visit and enjoy it with them.
We are spent our holiday weekend at SamIam's dad's house in Orange Beach, AL.
After I worked all day on Wednesday...
 I drove these two shwasted goobers all the way down to the beach.
You're welcome by the way turds.
They were both lucky enough to not have to work Wednesday and spent the entire day at the pool...with a cooler of course.  Lucky me. I knew that I was in for a very interesting road trip.

this accurately depicts how excited we were...NOT.
LOVES her some Uncle B!

To cheer up your Monday...
in honor of B.F.E. Owassa, AL and Disney Pandora I give you this gem...
  There isn't a picture to see.
So just make sure to turn your volume up! (Maybe not at work though!)
because these two are ridiculous when they get together!

Hahaha courtesy of budlight limearitas.  Those two were what we call white girl wasted!