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Wedding Season is in full swing!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
I have been so off my blogging game these past two weeks.  Not for lack of material, but because work has been crazy lately and two of our best friends and our go to double date got married this past Saturday.  Sorry for that guys!  I'm back now and promise to schedule posts when I will be away from now on!
Thursday night the Bride's parents hosted a backyard BBQ for the wedding party...and us. Yeah we are that couple.  The life of the party!  If you want to guarantee a good time you should invite us to your next party! Trust me.  Even though you can't tell SamIam was even there based on these pictures.  Oopps!  He was probably off somewhere yelling Roll Tide.
So many beautiful ladies!  Love them! I guess I was trying to hide my cup??
Then Friday night we had the Rehearsal Dinner.  The bride and groom found out where they were going on their honeymoon after dinner.  They are currently soaking up the sun in JAMAICA!

I'm a giant by the way. And yeah. There's a cigar in my boobs. Classy.
The dress the bride is wearing was her Grandmother's wedding dress
that she wore when she was 16!  Over 70 years ago!
It was shortened of course!  But WOW!
The bride's sweet aunt is a dancing machine!!

Then came the big day!!  
Check out my instagram and their wedding hashtag #nicndavesayido 
to see all of the fun pics from the night!

The ceremony was in Birmingham at Canterbury United Methodist,
 which is absolutely beautiful and has the most amazing stained glass windows!
Multitasking!  Doing the Groom's Mother and sister's makeup
See I told you.  I am super handy to have around.  I wore my Team Bride tank top from her bacchelorette party all day too.  I ran errands, did bridesmaid hair and makeup, helped with touch ups, did the hair of all FIVE flower girls, got them dressed and made sure their flower crowns were not coming off their heads, and then I hosted the ceremony and made sure that every guest signed the guestbook as they came in.  Their guestbook is so cute.  They made a coffee table photo book and had everyone sign around the pictures.
She is so beautiful!! It makes me teary eyed!  LOVE this girl! Hair and Makeup by Bbm Hair and Makeup
I love photo booths at weddings!
I stole the props and took them to the bar with me after! 

Such a fun wedding and such an amazing group of people!
This was a really great experience.  I learned so much!  
Most importantly though:  If something goes NOT tell the bride!  Make it happen!  Keep her calm!  Make sure she is having fun! And that her glass is always full!
I have a big announcement about my wedding to share with you guys tomorrow!  I am so excited!!