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Under Construction

Friday, July 19, 2013

Just ignore the awkward layout!  I will have it all fixed up and pretty by Monday!  I started working on it last night, lost track of time and before I knew it... it was past my bed time!
It has been a while since I was nominated for my first Liebster Award and I have been lucky enough to be nominated by a couple of other fabulous ladies since! *Thank you!*  
This is what I am going to do.  I am going to answer their questions for you guys because I think it is a fun way for you to be able to get to know me a little better.  But I am not going to make up any of my own questions or nominate anyone else. Sorry I am just not very good at making up questions and everyone that I would nominate has been a couple of times by now!
*The first set of questions are from Laura at Happily Ever Parker.
Please go check her out!  She is completely real in all of her posts, her wedding pictures are beee-a-u-ti-full, and her puppy, Finnley,  smiles for the camera!
1. Who is your blog inspiration?
My blog inspiration comes from many different places, before I started my blog I fell in love with Casey and her blog.  Her sweet family. And the open sincerity that she writes with.
2. What is your go to outfit?
ohh well that totally depends on what I am doing and what season it is.  Summertime hanging out around the house or running errands is always going to be Norts and a Tee.  Chances are pretty good that I have a bathing suit on underneath too.
3. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
Italy. Hands down.  The entire country is just breathtaking.

4. Who would you want to play you in a movie?
Jennifer Lawerence, she is so candid and awkward.  She would be perfect.

5. What is something you always have stocked in your fridge?
Cheese and beer.  I'm not really sure why, but we always have like five different kinds of cheese.

6. Do you have any superstitions?
I broke a giant wall mirror when I was three years old so... if I were to be superstitious I would have been screwed from the beginning.

7. What is your favorite tradition?
My mom still gives my sister and I stockings at Christmas and Easter baskets.

8. What is your favorite piece of jewelry? 
My favorite piece of jewelry would have to be my engagement ring! But I wear a ring on the middle finger of my right hand everyday too that I love!  My aunt bought it for me as a early graduation gift when we were stopped in New Mexico, while traveling across the country.  It is turquoise, my birthstone. Before my engagement ring it was definitely my favorite!

9. Do you prefer shows about cooking or shows about home improvement?
Cooking shows all day.  Rachael Ray is my home girl!

10. If you could only wear one color for a month, what would it be?
This is sad, but I would wear black.  It goes with pretty much everything.

11. If I gave you $100.00 what is the first thing you would do with it?
Figure out how to spend it...I have a problem.

 *Second set of questions are from Megan at Barefoot Bluejean Princess.  A sweet and sassy Southern girl.  Just the way we like them!  If you are in college you need to read her post from yesterday!  I wish someone had clued me in on those stupid text books when I was a Freshman!
1. If you won a million dollars, who would you call first?
My friend Olivia, she and I always joke about winning the lottery
2. If you were to walk into an airport, money nor time is an object, where would you jet off to?
Once again... ITALY.  I need to take SamIam!
3. Coke or Pepsi
Psssh...Diet Coke.  And if I ask for Coke, Pepsi is never ok instead.
4. Tell us about your favorite toy has a child.
My Barbies.  And of course they were always naked.
5. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
All of the fun ladies from different parts of the country that I have been introduced to!
6. If you could go on any reality tv show, which would you audition for?
I still think that Morgan and I deserve our own reality tv show.
 We were going to call it The Over the Mountain Housewives...I think? I can't remember.
  It was a drunken conversation.  Obviously.
7. If you could only visit 5 websites everyday, which ones would you choose?
Well, I stalk my wedding dress and the skeletor model wearing it on the daily.
Pinterest. duh. Planning a wedding here!
Does Instagram count as a website?
My bank webpage.  Let's be practical.  I've got to stay on top of that shiz.
and I guess Facebook.  We all have a love/hate relationship with that nonsense.

8. Which iphone game is your guilty pleasure--don't lie!
I really don't play games. No lie!
 I will sit on my phone and edit the same picture five different ways and never post any of them though.
9. What was your favorite part about your 4th of July celebrations this year?
Probably our boat ride that we took as a family during sunset,
even though we had engine trouble it was still really fun.
10. Are you a morning person or a night person?
Definitely night.  It seriously takes me around two hours in the morning to be fully functioning.
Longest post.  Sorry about it! If anyone has any awesome layout/design tutorials PLEASE leave the links in the comments!  I am really good at messing this mess up apparently. 
 And yes I know my media icons are not working right now. 
Oh and #backthatazzup because my curlyheaded self
will be jammin in the lot on a party bus Saturday!
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