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Unrequited Love Saturday

Saturday, June 8, 2013
Well, it finally happened. Editing other people's stuff has done in my neck, so I really have to take the weekend off. I will turn over the combox to you, for your discussion.

Say you have a 22 year old friend who is absolutely crazy about a man she really knows almost nothing about, except that he is tall, handsome, smart, talented, charming and said to be a ladies' man. Older women in your set have been looking at your friend nervously and dropping hints to you that Patsy should look out. At gatherings, Patsy stares at her crush object as if he were the Holy Grail, and you have caught her wiping away tears on the way home.  

What do you say to dear Patsy?  And, if Patsy, how do you get a hold of yourself?

Update: Oh, dear. A reader has voiced real concern for Patsy, thinking that she is real. Patsy is not real. That is to say, Patsy is a hypothetical girl, based on myself when I was in my early twenties and not very rooted in reality. I'm sorry that this was not clearer, but I value the great discussion in the combox.