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Puttin' that Baby in my belly...

Monday, June 3, 2013
Heller lovelies!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and soaked up some Vitamin D!
We had big plans for our Satuday so Friday night we made a lil trip to Lowes for a ladder and lightbulbs...we did not make it home with either of those.  Instead SamIam got distracted by the grilling aisle.  Yes.  There is an entire AISLE dedicated to all things grilling. 
I felt like I was a grown-up for like two point five.

In heaven.  He would always rather be marinating.
And I made a pretty new planter!
And here is the majority of our Saturday!
We ate sooo bad!! and drank soo much beer at Brewfest!  It was a lot of fun!  I think we tried 32 of the 100+ craft beers.  I was trying to find a new favorite.  I was really having a hard time though and I blame it on my lunch.  We had a late lunch at Saw's BBQ before with everyone and I had a pimento cheese and fried pickle sandwich.  Don't you dare make a face! It was delicious!!
I was so full that I just didn't have anymore room. 
It was so strange being outside, you could feel the air pressure change as the storm started to come in.
After brewfest we all met up with some more of our engaged/married friends for an even later dinner.
Then made our way to Bourbon Street "Where babies come from." 
It is a hole in the wall Karaoke bar. 
That  is a little off the beaten path and one of the best kept secrets of Birmingham . 
No. I didn't sing.  It was in the best interest of the audience because I sound like a dying cat.
Ok. Bourbon Street makes Babies. 
 Do you see that Giant jar SamIam and I are drinking out of up there?  That is a Baby. 
It is a CostCo sized pickle jar full of vodka, limes, and I don't even know what else, but it is delicious and the best bang for your buck!  The next size down is called and Premie and it is still huge.
When you order one the bartender gives it to you with a rag.  And you're like "what the hell do I do with this?" swaddle it.  So that it doesn't prespire all over your table.
And then we had to leave because SamIam started having an asthma attack...
I guess he was just having too much fun! 
On the way home he reaches over, grabs my hand and says,
"At least if I stop breathing I will be with the one I love."
What a drama queen.
We spent Sunday recovering and laid out by the pool all day.  With sunscreen of course!
Linking up my weekend with Sami.