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The Dragon Lady

Friday, June 21, 2013
Hey there Friday. Nice of you to join us!
I have to introduce you guys to someone.  She is the best weimy ball there ever was!
My adopted daughter and my main bitch.

Dakota, Dak, Dak Dak, Big Dog.
She answers to them all.
This girl just turned seven years old!  That is forty nine in dog years!
She is no longer a youthful pup, but becoming a ornery old woman.
SamIam picked her cute butt out of a litter of eight the summer before his Junior year of college.  
on the way home!
This was before we were a "we".  Just look at these precious pics I found!
Sam practicing for future ponytails...
She still wears that same tag today.
Her sisters using her as a pillow.
Daddy's Copilot 
Dakota and I bonded immediately when Sam and I first started dating.  
I think it is probably because we are both cuddle whores.  We now share the same side of the bed.  
Yep, I share my side of the bed with 85 pounds of love!
And she worked hard for every single one of those lbs!  Let me tell ya!
                                                             Dakota has an eating disorder.
She binges if not closely watched.
Girl has got some mad problem solving skills though!
Her main problem: How can I get more food?
We make both dogs sit and wait while we put their food in their bowls and then tell them to "go!"
Dak will inhale hers as fast as she can and then go hover by Riley, waiting for him to left his head so she can nudge him out of the way.  Well we caught on to this pretty quickly and started watching them while they ate.  She had finally earned our trust back...until last weekend.
Lately...she has gotten smart.  Too smart.
She almost had us too. 
Here's how she does it.
She will gobble her food up as fast as she can.
 Then nonchalantly walk into the living room acting like she is being so well behaved.
Then she will bark like someone is at the front door. 
Guard dog to the rescue!  Here comes Riley to back her up!
While Riley is distracted checking out the front door Dakota will saunter back into the kitchen and finish off his food.  By the time he gets back to his bowl it is completely empty and she is walking away really pleased with herself.
Dinner time is now supervised.
Yeah. That looks like a malnourished dog.

Dog Days Are Over by Florence and The Machine on Grooveshark
In honor of my grey dog,
 I give you Florence to lift your spirits and remind you that the weekend lies ahead!
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