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Another Blood Test, 9:30 AM

Monday, June 3, 2013
Alas! Not only is my poor right arm aching from shoulder to wrist, I have to give blood again. Today. At 9: 30 AM British Summer Time. And as regular readers will remember, I am more afraid of blood tests than of any other non-violent thing.

Sadly (and also happily), it will be all over before most of you wake up, but if anyone in the right time zone sees this, would you please pray for me anytime between now and 10, but especially at 9:30 AM, when I may be shaking like a leaf. I know your prayers really helped me last time.

Oh dear. I really must get over this before I grow old and have to give blood, like, all the time.

Update: Done. Thank you very much! It was very quick this time. The mantra was "Jesu, mercy; Mary, pray" which is trés English/Scottish Catholic martyr. Life is not cotton candy, is it?