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Putting It All Together

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
This is Day 3 of not being open.  The last time the snowcats had been on the hill was Saturday night.  The crew came in today to start putting things back together for Friday's re-opening.  Even though we are having some beautiful early summer weather, the snow is holding together nicely.  The cats will spend the day consolidating key areas and getting the hill ready for skiers and riders.  They will come in again Thursday night to put the finishing touches in place.  Friday we should be skiing Upper Wrangler, Sundance, High Noon, Upper Ramrod, Humbug, Lenawee Face, Powerline, Norway, and a little bit more.  Lake Reveal is now a slush puddle about 30 feet in diameter.

I look forward to some really fun summer skiing, BBQ, and good music.