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The Wedding To Do List 1.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
Alright.  Let's get this list going.  
May is over and we are now into June, 
that means there are only 11 months until I get to marry this guy and girl!

  Full blown wedding planning is now in effect! aka panic mode

Here is what I consider to be a short list of what I consider to be the MAJOR items...
  • Pick a day  May 17, 2014!
  • Find a venue for ceremony  Two Birds. One Stone.
  • Find a venue for reception  both will be at Aldridge Gardens in Hoover, AL
  • Find a caterer Cafe Iz
  • Find a coordinator/planner...cross your fingers that I can sign the contract soon!
  • Decide on a "theme" Surprise because I have changed it!...for the last time I swear!
  • Find a photographer
  • Find THE dress...booked an appointment the end of this month to try dresses on!
  • Find a officiant for the ceremony
  • Find a florist
  • Find a bakery 
See the major things are almost done...and then it's on to the details. blahh!
If you knew my mother then you would understand why all of this stresses me out. 
 Dealing with her is a chore in itself.  
Our engagement party is this weekend so I will have a post dedicated to that next week! 
 We decided to make it as relaxed as possible and only invited our close friends and our parents.  It's going to be a backyard BBQ style party with yard games and beer!  I am pretty pumped!
Both of our dads live about five hours away in opposite directions, so we are taking this opportunity for them to meet each other and each others moms.  Our moms have met and have been around each other several times.  They get along really well!  Which is awesome!  We knew they would though because they are a lot alike!  Our dads on the other hand are VERY different so it is going to be interesting for sure.  SamIam isn't worried though...he never is.
I couldn't get it together today to finish this post.  Work has been crazy.  And to top it all off one of the girls that was out on maternity leave came in the office today to show off her baby...and turned in her notice.  Real great.  I almost started crying when she told me.  I'm not sure if it was because I was really disappointed she isn't coming back to entertain me or because I am going to have to continue to manage her client companies.  Either way it was depressing.

I am now going to fill my glass back up.  It's half way empty.