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Tim Stanley and Gangsta Culture

Saturday, August 3, 2013
I absolutely loved this article by Tim Stanley, although I didn't know whether tut-tut or to giggle when he said Roger Scruton looked like a "mad owl."

Meanwhile, I do not get high school, multicultural, "gangsta" culture by which I mean teenage boys of a variety of ethnic groups, but particularly of different middle-eastern ethnic groups (e.g. Persian, Armenian), standing around posing for photos with bottles of hard liquor, cigarettes and weapons. They post these photos on Facebook, eliciting such comments from each other as "miss u ma nigga".

Hmm, I have never typed or said that word in my whole life, and yet I have read this umpteen times on the Facebook pages of white teenage boys in huge-crowned baseball caps and falling-down jeans.

Are there any teachers out there, or high school students, or recent co-ed high school grads, especially in Ontario, who could explain this phenomenon to me?